Friday, December 23, 2011

Tacky sweaters are awesome

Ok, I want to apologize in advance for the picture quality. These were taken with my point and shoot digital camera not my DSLR and not by my usual photographer {the hubs}, but I wanted to share my Tacky Sweater Day with you! I was so proud of my sweater because I made it! I don’t usually get to artsy and crafty so this was a BIG deal, so please feel free to leave me some comments telling me how awesomely tacky my sweatshirt turned out.


  1. Ohh yes! Silly sweaters are truly the greatest! I wish it was slightly colder here so I could wear one!

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  2. yesss. love cheesy holiday sweaters.

  3. Pretty awesome! Saw this on Pinterest! Can you give me some tips on how you made it?? I need a tacky x-mas sweater and I can't find one so I want to make one :) Feel to message me on FB if you want.